Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Fruit Runner

By Tryphena Louise Williams (c) 2011

Driving along, in the Fruit Runner Van
Keeping an eye on the road, the best I can

Planning my day, what's the best way to go
Mind mapping the route, just so I know

Delivering the fruit boxes, here and there
Ducking through traffic, one must take care

Boxes of fruit, taken to the office door
One box, two box, three boxes more

Each box is delivered, with a big beaming smile
One needs to slow down, every once in awhile

Running up stairs, carrying a load
Feeling the pressure, one started to slow

Lots of places to be, always on the go
Merging in and out, of the busy traffic flow

The greeting and meeting, of people I see
They all appeared, only too happy to see me   

When the day is done, I head off back home
Only too happy to be, out of that traffic zone
I love my new job, it’s been a fun day
I'm only too happy, to work this way

Photo by Tryphena Louise Williams

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