Friday, April 15, 2011

A Secret Love

By Tryphena Louise Williams (c) 2011

Time is passing so gently by, a longing heart, its restless sigh

Words shared seem so far away, and yet together, we long to stay

How can it be, is this love for real, so deep is the love, that we both we feel

What is it that, keeps love our at bay, the heart it yearns, for love to play

Love cannot turn, away from you, its the love one’s has, for all do

Will the heart, ever open wide, to reveal the love, one cannot hide

The words expressed, so long ago, it’s the same love, the love we know

Love cannot say, much more than this, it is your love, that I do miss

Too long it’s been, to hear you say, that you love me, and want me to stay

There is no other one for me, but you, I love so, please say you love me too

I cannot bear, to feel this way, within my thoughts, you’ll always stay

A promise of love, to love and hold, never will my love, for you run cold

Your love is tender, loving and true, wrapped in your arms, it's only you

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