Thursday, April 7, 2011

Ten Pin Bowling

By Tryphena Louise Williams (c) 2011

Have you ever tried, to play the game

Picking up the bowling ball, in one.s hand

To get a strike, was always the plan

One stood forward, then took good aim
Looking straight down, the bowling lane

One watched their ball, as it shot through
It was ball after ball, I had bowled a few

Into the gutter, they seem to go
With roars of laughter, I said "O NO"!!

What was wrong, why was this so
I tried my best I aimed, then let go

What was my problem, I wanted to know
Was I bowling, too fast or slow

However I did bowl, very consistently
Coming last each time, within a game of three

Fun and laughter, we did have
Coming last, doesn't make me sad

I thanked my friends, for all the fun
I may need help to bowl ... Anyone

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