Thursday, January 3, 2013

Soul’s Journey

Copyright © 2013 Tryphena Louise Williams

I had a dream the other day about how life is for me
I walked a path paved with the karma of my destiny

Deep in thought I could feel exactly where I’d been
The test of heart time again shattered every dream

Looking past my shadows I noticed a golden light
The distance light was shinning waking up my night

I listened in my silence then I heard an inner sound
Following the inner light I wondered what I’d found

My life started spinning all reasoning was now a loss
Everything swirling I was floating in the ocean wash

God almighty my creator I plead for my sight to see
What is this place where the Light and Sound is me

Deeper was my passage beyond the mindless world
Louder was the Light and Sound within me it swirled

A vacant void of nothingness was an unknown plane
Wisdom of the ages a heart has nothing more to gain

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