Monday, January 30, 2012

Experience the Light and Sound of God

Copyright © 2012 Tryphena Louise Williams

A man came knocking on my door
I had never seen this man before

Should I trust him not to harm
Inside I felt no fear nor alarm

A stranger stood before me now
Should I open my heart to allow

It was not his clothing that I saw
Standing there beyond my door

His eyes twinkled with such love
I knew this soul came from above

No words spoken yet I heard it all
The Master's love had come to call

His gift of love had awaken me
The feeling was I am now free

A wind of change it blew that day
He smiled then turned to walk away

I called to him asking for his name
Inside I felt something had changed

Years later I was given this intro book
Still searching for answers I took a look

Was any of this stuff meant for me
Could Eckankar really help me to see

I read "The Ancient Wisdom for Today"
Wondering if it would show me the way

Many years later I can say with a smile
Yes, but finding God may take you awhile

Art work by Tryphena Louise Williams

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