Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A Christmas Love

Copyright 2011 Tryphena Louise Williams

All I want for Christmas is to share my love with you
And to take you in my arms and ask do you love me too

There is nothing more to ask than to feel we're loved
To know in your heart that your hand it fits my glove

Love in this special moment is fill with such tenderness
All our loving kisses a tingling sensation of total bliss

My Christmas wish is to be wrapped up in your arms
You can say what you like but I've fallen for your charms

So you see sweet heart how this Christmas may unfold
Looking back on this moment there will be a story told

How two loving souls who never sought to find another
Ended up in each other arms feeling a love like no other

So never give up on finding that special shinning star
Just be your loving self for others to see who you are

Some may overlook you not seeing the light in you
Just keep on being loving placing love in all you do

I found my someone while singing my love of HU
The sound of HU it loves you and I love you too

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