Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Terry Lee Bivona ~ HU ~

(Terry is living with terminal bone cancer)
Terry you are a soul of the highest order

I can feel your pain, I can feel your joy
The journey ahead feels like ship ahoy

We both know what has been going on
The inner teachings we've heard in song

Beyond the inner door you will find a pier
The Inner Master's will meet you here

I will take my place by your side
My happy heart I'll struggle to hide

You are a long time friend of the ECK
Of which I have a sincere loving respect

You will cross the void and enter the light
A day in a life you have earned your right

I know in my heart this journey is not the end
The truth be known all loving souls transcend

God bless you Terry this is not a good bye
Even though when it's time my heart will cry

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

God bless the love in you ♥

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