Thursday, September 8, 2011


Copyright 2002 Tryphena Louise Williams

I am in all sounds from the roaring of the huge stormy seas
To the sweet whisper of the slightest gentle breeze

I am the light within my worlds from the intensely bright
To the softest light of a golden moonlit night

Music is every vibration of my being
Creating a rhythm in life that I call seeing

Love is in all that I choose to do
I love to sing my love song of HU

I am who I am and this will always be
I am soul dancing in the waves
Of the Ocean of Love and Mercy

Love is beyond my mind, beyond all emotion
I am soul beyond all mental notion

I look and see the illusions of my mind
Removing all thoughts that are unkind

My existence is in all I choose to be
I am soul and as such I am free

O masters of the Vairagi show me my way home
Fill my heart with love so I will never roam

Light upon light sound within sound
It is divine love that I have found

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