Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A Lover's Night

Copyright 2011 Tryphena Louise Williams

You are my love the light in my eyes
Your loving presence I cannot hide

To know you love me like you do
The love in my heart is just for you

Within our hearts our love has grown
The deeper we go the more is shown

Our daily sharing strengthens our bond
Like dancing ripples of light upon a pond

This wonderful feeling of what will be
Two hearts beating in the Land of Zee

Will you dance with me beyond the stars
The distance measured it's never that far

If our love is tender and if love be true
Then God bless this love of me and you

Looking up at the stars shining bright
Each star is a kiss for you each night

In the moonlight we'll dance and play
Our dreams of loving in our own way

1 comment:

Mary Helen Ferris said...

It is moving, delightful, vibrant, authentic and real....but then again so are you both....thanks for sharing your love....

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