Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Land of Zee a World For You and Me

Copyright 2011 Tryphena Louise Williams

Will you come with me to the Land of Zee
Far across the oceans beyond the seventh sea

To a world of love created for you and I
Its joyful wonder where all can fly

Out across the oceans where our love is free
There's a love so tender for you and me

Will you come with me to the worlds afar
To be my lover my shooting star

With a love like ours not all will know
Our secret garden hidden within the flow

Will you come with me to the Land of Zee
Where love is blissful and dreams are free

In the Land of Zee where all love does flow
The mysteries of life some are yet to know

Will you come with me to the worlds afar
To live together beyond the distant star

With new realities yet to see
We’ll cross the galaxies of eternity

I'll love you more than ever before
You are the man that I so adore

Will you come to me Please come to me
Is this love I feel  meant to be

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