Friday, July 15, 2011

Love He Came to Me

Copyright © 2011 Tryphena Louise Williams

Love one day he came to me
So in love that he asked to see

Into my heart where all love it dwells
The Ocean of Love and Mercy it swells

So in love he said to me
Please my love can you let me see

So I opened my heart and sung the HU
While lovingly I then replied to you

I love you now can you not see
The love in you is the love in me

Love came to me for his love to see
Will this true love be my destiny

With a smile of tenderness all love is given
While knowing love is the path I'm living

With no worries or need to hurry nor rush
Each moment shared is special to us

Love is an adventure we know this is so
With love in our hearts away we'll go

For your eyes only I am sharing with you
It is our joint love of singing the HU

I'll love you more each day as I see
Your sparkling eyes looking back at me


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