Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Art of Living While Dying

Copyright © 2011 Tryphena Louise Williams

I am living while dying
It's my new way of life

My body is slowly wasting away
Yet with each breath I'm loving my day

Each day I am learning a little bit more
My body has feelings like never before

I feel like there's no time for an ending
My body is dying while I am transcending

As my body is dying it aches with a sighing
Deep inside me sometimes I find I'm crying

In the heavens above I know I'll be free
As I continue to live  my true destiny

There'll be new worlds of wonder
And I'll look and feel much younger

So here I am dying with humour to share
With love in my heart it's all love and care

I am saying to you the ones that love me
I dying with love and that's how it must be

I'll love you forever with no distance between
For love is the measure and this is my dream

Never forget my love is always with you
For love is our guide it's sound is the HU

I love you ♥ I love you ♥ I love you ♥

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