Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Journey of Soul

Copyright © 2012 Tryphena Louise Williams

I am the architect of my life’s design
What I see and feel I accept as mine

All the negative forces I shrug away
It is my choice how I react each day

Each thought is a living part of me
I’m living with heart for love to see

Fear not the woes of a past forlorn
Forgive the destruction of the storm

Love will appear with a golden glow
Not all will see and not all will know

Love’s a keeper not a reaper of fear
Just listen carefully so you may hear

Love is the answer God gave to you
A loving heart knows a thing or two

I surrender to life with love and care
The love I feel is beyond all compare

To share my love is a measure agreed
No matter your gender, race or creed

I love to sing HU love opens my heart
Soul is a creation of the original spark

I love to feel the God spark within me
As a lover of life I am learning to see

It is up to soul to find its way home
Call for a master to trust as your own

I found a master his name is Wah Z
With his love in heart I am now free


Ramoz suzu said...

Hi Tryphena Louise Williams
I love you so much without any cause.
I love you because "I Love To Hear Myself Type".
and now we are lovers "As Simple As This".
just try to write a poem
Ramos suzu

Tryphena said...

Love and blessing for your golden heart
Loving HU

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