Friday, August 10, 2012

Mister Teddy Bear Brown

Copyright © 2012 Tryphena Louise Williams

Half way up, and half way down sat old Mister Teddy Brown
Looking up and looking down he wondered what he'd found

The light shone brightly from the windows in the attic room
Below him was a basement filled with a darkness of gloom

Mister Teddy Brown was hungry from having climbed so far
He imagined his nose stuck inside his favourite honeypot jar

Deep in thought he bent down to retie his well worn shoes
He mumbled over and over pondering what he might loose

If I go up sooner or later I'll have to come back down again
To get all that unnecessary exercise really it's a bit of a pain

Mister Teddy Brown was considered short and extremely fat
These were the words expressed by the family's witty old cat

Never mind all this stuffing nonsense I'll decide on my own
Teddy Bear Brown slipped tumbling he growled and moaned

At last at the bottom he was scooped up in caring wee arms
His young owner loved his old fashioned Teddy Bear charms

Back in the kitchen Teddy sipped on his honey mead drink
Well that's the very end of this wee Teddy Bear story I think

Photo by TLW ♥

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