Friday, August 10, 2012

A Fairytale Love

Copyright © 2012 Tryphena Louise Williams

You're six foot two with eyes of blue
And sweetheart you're very sexy too

I love it when you smile back at me
In love it seems we're destine to be

Your voice is soft, loving and kind
A man just like you is hard to find

I love the way you laugh outloud
You'll never be one of the crowd

You seemingly know what I need
My heart's book you happily read

You're so cuddly and soft to touch
My darling I love you ever so much

Standing tall and slim I start to grin
Smiling with wonder where do I begin

Your loving kisses flutter in my heart
Like shooting stars they hit the mark

True lover's we're the best of friends
It's a fairytale of love without an end

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