Friday, August 24, 2012

The Dreamer

Copyright © 2012 Tryphena Louise Williams

I am on a journey to who knows where
My worlds are spinning but I don't care

Dreams turned my worlds upside down
Like a tumble weed I’m thrown around

The shaking ground life opens its fold
Down the hill in a grass carpet I rolled

Tightly wrapped in a roll of earthly soil
I gathered speed like an unwinding coil

Help was asked for the karma to release
The earth removed leaving not one piece

Strange I thought what does this mean
My upside down world inside this dream

Was it my future for this karma to be
So I asked the Master to reveal to me

I gave thanks to my helpers for my life
They'd cut me free with a golden knife

Looking high above a hill reappeared
The message heard I'd nothing to fear

Back in this world I pondered my life
Was it a warning to avoid some strife?

I’m not too bothered if it needs to be
In my heart of hearts I'm forever free

Each step I take I am willing to grow
Love opened my heart within the flow

A truth seeker of God is never alone
It’s the ocean of love I call my home

Photo By TLW♥

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