Sunday, October 30, 2011

My Never Ending Love of You

Copyright Tryphena Louise Williams

I woke up and saw you standing there
Our love is priceless beyond all compare

I can feel your love beside me now
The way we express our love, is wow

I miss it when you have to go away
My feelings of missing fill every day

I don't feel that I could love you more
Joneo my love you're the man I adore

My yearning its burning so deep inside
How I feel for you I'm not willing to hide

You are my special rose, my love of heart
When we are together our love will spark

My hugs and kisses are coming your way
Sweetheart I love you so very much today

Lots of never ending cuddles and kisses
Our priceles love you're my dream wishes

Photo by Tryphena Louise Williams

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