Wednesday, July 4, 2012

A Love Song for All (A Song )

Copyright © 2011 Tryphena Louise Williams

Will you sing me a song Wah Z, Wah Z........
Will give me a song Master Zee...
We'll all sing along... to the words of the song
Our love will be heard ..... if we all sing along

Will you give me the words to be heard ... to be heard
Will you share all your love with me.....
We'll all hum along.... to the words of the song
Our love will be for all to see....

How I love you Wah Z... my Wah Z...
How I love to spend my time ...serving thee
How I love to sing ....our love song of HU
God's love is our gift's our love of you

Love opens our hearts we can all sing along
All our love and our sung in this song
Our love is for all... love is who we all are
The Masters love ......shines like a blue star...


MS Mahawar said...

no words to describe this emotionafull poem!

Tryphena said...

Thank you ♥

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