Monday, July 2, 2012

Love Goes Beyond

Copyright © 2012 Tryphena Louise Williams

Your love is like the landscape of my heart
A night sky of infinite beauty a lover's ark

How I love the wonder of your loving ways
The touch of flesh a lover's endless gaze

A love profoundly deep I'm sincerely yours
Words of endearment opens our inner doors

Whispers of an embrace fill every tear drop
The lover's inner passion never will it stop

Love is a moment blessed within the heart
A void of silence lights with a sacred spark

Change is blissful all life is becoming me
An inner ocean's swirl I've found my destiny

The heart of true love feels every life beat
A formless foundation life is never complete

A home of sweet loving within all that we are
The merging of reality a manifesting of a star

No more is one seeking to know what is real
Love is our answer it's the way we each feel

God gave me a pen for my love to be expressed
The challenge accepted I've been doing my best

Love opened up my heart for a vision to see
The truth is I'm no longer who I used to be

Love is both sword and sheild of my light
Forever is nothing my hearts taken flight

In the Valley of Love our truth it stood tall
We bow with humility as we hear our inner call

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