Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Laugh A Little

Copyright 2011 Tryphena Louise Williams

And so it is what has been said
Are we living life like we're dead

Some seem to act as if this is so
Appearing unable to let things go

Holding tight to every little thing
A troubled heart it cannot sing

If in your heart you're feeling down
Why not try acting out like a clown

If you can see the funny side of life
Laughter helps to remove our strife

The truth is known to one and all
Sometimes we may tumble and fall

Life can appear to knock us around
It's about the lessons we've found

Realize that somethings need to be
Why not just set your worries free

So come on lets all have some fun
We'll sing and dance with everyone

1 comment:

claudy kapenda said...

it came on the right time thanks

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