Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Master

He was a strong mindful fellow of not many words

The glint in his eyes was one of knowing the truth
This handsome fellow had a heart and soul of gold
His presence of being was profound beyond words
The heart felt overwhelmed within the love flowing
His hands were strong and showed the ways of life
His face was creased with lines of his wisdom spent
Aged in his years and yet so youthful in bodily form
His piecing stare burnt a pathway through the heart
How could one bear not being with this mighty soul
His light seemed to dance with a melody of sounds
It was blissful with surging feelings of nothingness
The return of soul was painful with a desire for love
Time collapsed and the vision faded into the sunset
There again appeared the Master of the loving light
The journey of endless nights of ever seeking to be
Yield to the love give no mind to any other thought

May the Blessings Be


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