Friday, July 12, 2013

A Summer’s Day

My summer’s day boy what a sight
Something’s I see just feel so right

The trees dancing in a gentle breeze
Butterflies chasing flowers to please

Life felt so loving just like it should
I wouldn’t change a thing if I could

Inside my heart there’s a loving flow
Deep in my thoughts I seek to know

How did my life come to be the way?
I felt so grateful for all I’d seen today

Moritz is playing he makes me smile
I think I will stay here for a wee while

With no place to go and nothing to do
I thought I’d write this poem for you

Copyright © 2013 Tryphena Louise Williams


Alwine Reder said...

Lovely, I can't write poems but this is the one for me if I could :-)

Alwine Reder said...

Lovely, i can't write poems but this would be the one if if could :-)

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