Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Inner Child of Tryphena Louise

I left the nightmare behind me, as I set out to find what I had lost

Time had stolen my childhood and forced me to grow up too soon
The time keeper laughed, you can never lose sight of your shadow

I didn’t believe the time keeper; his hands looked worn with worry
I knew with all heart I could find what I had lost many moons ago 

Deep in thought I wondered what it would feel like, to find myself
I wondered with my imagination, what the real me would look like

I started to dream like I had never dreamt before, my worlds spun
Time was collapsing, I was seeing into my past, present and future

At first I could not see into the swirling vortex of light and sound
Then I remembered what I had been taught, focus on one point

My thoughts acted like a compass needle, pointing the way to go
The background faded as the foreground filled with my childhood

The eye of soul captured the heart and attention of the inner child
Life danced around me, I was so happy having found the real me

Artwork by Tryphena Louise

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