Sunday, November 11, 2012

The Soul Traveler

Copyright © 2012 Tryphena Louise Williams

The walk in the forest of tall giant trees
A pace of life appears willing to please
Dead leaves scattered the pathway worn
A timeless process new life takes form
Shadows ever present dance and play
Bending and twisting light their way
The distance horizon slowly narrows
Life’s bumpy path of timeless furrows
Lifetimes past the traveler walk alone
Deep in their thoughts far from home
Had God forsaken the heart of soul
The traveler pondered the story told 
A breathless wind brushed the cheek
Like a silent voice trying to not speak
The traveler looked into the sky above
A sunlight kiss burnt the heart of love
All thoughts of doubt slowed the pace
The travelers compass of loving grace
The pathway now appeared not too far
Our spiritual compass the Mahanta star 

Photo by TLW

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Anonymous said...

I really enjoy reading you poetry

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