Friday, November 2, 2012

A Painting of Life

Copyright © 2012 Tryphena Louise Williams

A wind in the meadows played gently within my heart
The sunlight softly filtered through the tree tops above
I lay unburden totally free from the binds of any control
Love came so easily with the stillness of minds tempting
All was at peace a joyful child like feeling surged inside
I knew this life was a time for me to be who I was to be
The pains of endless desire had mellowed the roughness
Light glistened from the dancing blades of green grass
In my soul I am forever free to live my creation of reality
The china blue sky looked so distance yet always within
Could this moment of bliss be more I thought, or is this it
A breath of wind softly brushed against my rosy cheeks
Birds fluttered and sung in the willows hanging branches
A distance brook murmured its movement reflecting light
What more could there be to life than this moment of bliss
 Deep in soulful thought I breathed with a heartfelt sigh
I felt at peace with my presence in this world of dreams
Life felt blessed lying here in the open meadows of green
Photo by Tryphena Louise Williams

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