Saturday, May 12, 2012

An Idea or Two

Copyright © 2012 Tryphena Louise Williams

I have this idea do you have one too?
New ideas help to change the old view

What was your past and held you back
Disappears through the widening crack

Change is a matter of what's inside you
May I suggest you try singing the HU

The HU is a sound thats filled with love
It helps us to see from the worlds above

New ideas spark like light in the dark
Then life feels like a walk in the park

Our new ideas in time fall into place
It's amazing really I love a fast pace

It's really a matter of how we view our life
Surrender your worries to reduce the strife

Photo by Tryphena Louise Williams


murfire said...

Great idea tryph I love singing the Hu too. Its a wonderful song of love.

Tryphena Louise Williams said...

Love and blessings to you :-) and thank you for leaving a comment ♥
Loving HU is Singing HU

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