Thursday, November 24, 2011

The Crossing

Copyright 2011 Tryphena Louise Williams

Love is all around us it's in everything we do
It's the way that we're saying I love you too

Maybe it's our smile or a word as we pass by
There nothing like love so why not give it a try

You could spend all your lifetime fighting a war
But whose counting, is there any need to score

People are just people all around this big world
There are givers and takers each creating a swirl

Some are law breakers and do as they please
While others are happy and will playfully tease

For me life's such wonder no matter the tests
We're all born here to master giving our best

Time has been passing as I stop for a break
I've no time for regrets, loves never a mistake

No anger nor tears as each lesson is earned
The karma of all life will eventually be burned

Photo taken by Tryphena Louise Williams

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