Sunday, November 28, 2010

A Beautiful Morning A Wonderful Day

By Tryphena Louise Williams (c) 2010

It's a beautiful morning, what a wonderful day
I'm only too happy, to be living this way

It's a glorious morning, love's filling my day
The fun and laughter, the dance and play

I'm only to happy, to feel this way
My heart is singing, what a wonderful day

Friends all around me, together we're one
True friend’s forever, lazy days in the sun

What more could there be, than this love in me
I'm so happy too be here, love's in all I see

The feelings I'm having, the love and the care
It's a beautiful morning, love's everywhere

To know we’re together, and friends we will stay
The loving and caring, it’s the only love way

Our willingness to be there, its knowing we care
I'll love you forever, I’m loving you there

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