Thursday, June 11, 2015

Where the Wild Flowers Grow

The wild flowers bloom in the fields often unwanted and neglected

In the wind their seeds take flight travelling for miles before resting
The seeds settle taking root in the wasteland of the unkempt fields
With little need for much nourishment the seeds grow into flowers
The random spread of the wild flowers creates an array of colours

A wind blows as if to tease the wild flowers,into a delightful dance
The wild flowers have a natural beauty yet some cast them aside
It takes strength and resilience to be a wild flower and not wanted
Forsake not the beauty as seen in the dance of these wild flowers
The stranger gazed into the field where only the wild flowers grew
He thought how beautiful life can be when left to Mother Nature
The natural beauty of the field of wild flowers was beyond words
Do not forsake the natural beauty of life for it is a creation of love

Forever yours

© Tryphena Louise Williams

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