Thursday, June 11, 2015

Malware of the Body

Malware has infiltrated the body and mind

It tries to control our thoughts and emotions
It plants seeds of discontent to trap our love
It derails our creativity, flooding it with doubt
It demands our focus to its destructive nature

It manifests illusions causing disheartenment
It mutates its nasty negative egoistical nature
This infectious malware needs to be removed
We need to scan the minds disk for any errors

We need to defrag our thoughts and emotions
We need to delete all the malwares programs
We need to reboot our bodies and start to love
We need to ensure every thought stays in tune

So watch what you download and take to heart 
Life is your body, your mind and your emotions
Be happy, loving and enjoy being who you are
Come on everyone let’s focus on what we love

© Tryphena Louise Williams

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