Sunday, October 19, 2014

The Silent Voice of Soul

In the silence of our voice we hear the music of the seven spheres

Soul is a melody swirling in worlds of the divine untouchable love

No longer does soul call the names before thee, for none will come

In the currents of the all loving ones all is without need of any form

Soul knows thyself within the forms of all creations throughout life

My Beloved Ones you have my voice no more of thyself do I speak 

Without thine own voice, Soul serves the divine voice of its Creator

In the Worlds of Silence, all is consumed beyond any cause known

Without a voice so to speak Soul knew every sound within its heart

You lost thee in the moment you spoke of thee

The silence of reality is within the heart of soul

@ Tryphena Louise Williams

<3 span="">The silence of reality is within th
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