Sunday, October 19, 2014

The House of Mirrors

In the house of mirrors there is no getting away from the self

The self manifested reflections create illusions of infinite form

Soul seeks the knowing of truth, of what is the original image

A macro fracture of reality appears like kaleidoscope of light

Constant ever changing forms repeating over and over again

The exchange of colour alters man's thoughts on what is life

Who changes what, how and why, is the repeating question

The secrets to the original for many will not be forth coming

A conscious balance of what is unknowable and yet is Soul

In the house of mirrors the reality repeats same of the same

Time of the time scattered reflections of the whole seem lost

This fabrication of life exists to hold the mind trapped inside

Only love can give soul the truth, the nourishment of thyself

The distractions of illusion bind like twine around the whole

Karma binds the lower bodies of soul to the fractures of life

From within the knowing truth will be revealed to the heart
© Tryphena Louise Williams


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