Friday, April 20, 2012

A Dream Come True

Copyright © 2012 Tryphena Louise Williams Our love is written in the sand
♥.....♥ you are my loving man

I gaze into the stars each night
Looking for the brightest light

My heart is beating like a drum
I know my love you are the one

It's all the things you say to me
I dream our love forever will be

You look into my eyes with love
My heart is cooing like a dove

When you give to me your word
With love I listen to all I've heard

I never knew how love could feel
Our tender loving it is for real

Thank you my love for loving me
Your loving heart has set me free

Kisses and cuddles I'm singing HU
While saying my darling, I love you

xoxoxo ♥ xoxoxo

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