Saturday, May 25, 2013

A Contemplation of Love

Copyright © 2013 Tryphena Louise Williams

I look into the eyes of my love, and see nothing but love looking back at me
How priceless is this love, we can feel flowing so freely between our hearts

Can we ever fully understand the majestic, poetic nature of such a pure love?
We reach out for each other, to touch and feel the goodness of love within us
How can I ever know you, if I have not found myself within the reality of you?
Your eyes sparkle like diamonds, reflecting upon the mighty ocean of our love
Time appears endless, formless as it passes us by in the silence of the moment
I am of your love and yet I feel I am so far apart from the love we once were
My longing calls out across the oceans, the rivers and mountains, I call for you
An inner silence returns my voice to me, where is the love I have so longed for?
Am I not of you, the Master of the Light and Sound, the essence of all creation?
I call out your name within my heart, I see you everywhere as a reflection of life
What is this I feel passing through me, if not of love I want no more for it to be
The whispers of the wind sung a soft sweet melody deep within as if leading me
I am Soul a divine spark of God, all I am I have always been within all of reality

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