Saturday, May 25, 2013

A Life of Reflection

Copyright © 2013 Tryphena Louise Williams

A river always the mighty river
The love of life an eternal giver

All life it seems to flowed on by
A delicate dancing of a dragonfly

Richly green willows sweeping
The water its secrets of keeping

Ripples of cause became effect
The waters flow we must respect

A summer’s sun the love of now
The rivers wisdom shows us how

A melody of reeds seduced the air

Such was the beauty of being here
How was this world to be this way

The awesome wonder of each day
Birds far yonder their presence felt

A humble seeker with knees knelt
The seeker saw a reflection of life

Maya’s illusions a creation of strife
The passing waters none may hold

A sacred wisdom beckons to unfold
The silent water glistened with light

Blessed are those who see this sight
Photo By Tryphena Louise Williams

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