Sunday, January 20, 2013

Day Dreams Spent with You

Copyright © 2013 Tryphena Louise Williams

I am sitting with my heart filled with you
Time seems to be our keeper of all we do

I’ve sunny days with lots of time to spare
Sometimes I wish you could be over here

Wispy clouds drift endlessly across the sky
My heart’s beating with a deep loving sigh

With our distance are you missing me too
Sitting here alone I am really missing you

The sun is shining, I feel a cooling breeze
I am smiling at how you are such a tease

Today I feel lost in my thoughts and dreams
Love is an imaginary kiss or cuddle it seems

I remember my feelings of being with you
And all the funny things you'd say and do

Our endless idle chatter about nothing at all
I know in my heart you'd catch me if I fall

You’ll always be my knight in shining armour
And I will be your Lady of Love forever more

I’ll share dreamy days filled with love and joy
A loving that’s sometimes a little shy and coy

Time’s brought my dreams to a sudden close
My phones ringing so I had best go I suppose

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