Sunday, December 4, 2011

My Letter to God ♥ HU ♥

Copyright Tryphena Louise Williams

Good God is that really you?

Do you know how many lifetimes, I've been asking after you?
I looked everywhere but got lost and didn't know what to do

Then I found this spiritual teaching, well actually it found me
And I learnt very quickly that you've always been a part of me

God can you imagine, how that made me feel inside?
To be honest I was so happy knowing love was my guide

With this inner knowing I learnt a thing or two
The most important lesson, was how to sing the HU

So if others are feeling lost I can teach them now
How to love each other and live without the Kal

The teachings of my heart, Eckankar is the name
I learnt a lot of lessons, now I'll never be the same


Thank you for loving me, in my love I am free

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